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Gamoran Legal Consulting offers highly personalized attention. We will meet with you to learn, evaluate and consult about your needs, culture, mission and structure before we initiate a search or provide counsel. We work diligently to ensure that we understand your objectives.

Working and networking with exceptional attorneys is all we do. It is our sole focus and our only job.

Our reputation depends on meeting the needs of law firms, legal departments and the highest caliber of legal talent across the nation. Our extensive legal network enables us to present matches that meet all of your needs and expectations. 

We are regularly reaching out to lawyers who are not seeking to make a change. Highly skilled attorneys, especially active General Counsels, are generally not looking for a change and only rarely think strategically about their careers. They are busy anticipating and solving problems for their company, not networking to meet a new employer. 





If you are relocating to Seattle, Portland or Anchorage, or considering your career options within the Pacific Northwest, give us a call.  We have long-standing relationships with law firms of all sizes and practice areas throughout the West Coast, and current knowledge of the entire legal market in this region.  While our growing in-house and general counsel practice is national in scope, our knowledge of the legal landscape in the Pacific Northwest is unmatched.   Today’s  market is dynamic and highly competitive.  Taking control of your career requires knowledge, commitment and a plan. We represent lawyers who have established themselves as leaders in their respective practice areas. We make you aware of your options at every stage of your career, and offer candid advice about whether you should explore a move.

Taking control of your career requires knowledge, commitment and a plan.

We are committed to finding the right platform for your career.  Our counsel is based on years of experience working in confidence with lawyers who are considering a change, and we consult with you throughout each step of the analysis, search and interview process.

For associate attorneys, our process involves reviewing long term goals. We understand that issues such as mentoring, practice quality, and client development are key components in building a successful practice. For more established attorneys, we can help you reach the next level.  For all attorneys, our interview preparation is extensive. It focuses on the key objectives of your presentation and a careful analysis of the individuals you will meet.




Our innovative approach has enabled us to build deep and long-lasting relationships throughout the legal community, and with the preeminent law firms on the West Coast. We do not scan the job boards.  We rarely place attorneys for advertised positions – we are not looking for attorneys that are looking. Instead, we reach out to the universe of attorneys that fit your requirements.  It is an exhaustive process, but we have learned over time that this is the best way to find the best attorneys. Our due diligence goes well beyond an analysis of skills, personality, and client base.  We conduct in-depth reference checks, including peer and supervisory. We evaluate rainmaking potential, interpersonal style, and career objectives in order to create an exceptional fit.



Our team is committed to excellence, and to helping you meet today’s challenges for leading law departments in all manner of companies.  Our consultants listen.  It’s the only way to understand your culture, goals and unique strategic path. We know that the skills and personality required of a general counsel in an emerging company are different than those of a corporate counsel in a large law department — we are listening for the nuances that make the difference for success.  Elite lawyers have choices.  We will present your opportunity in the best light.  At Gamoran Legal Consulting we maintain the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. Our attention to detail and our market expertise enables us to match the right attorney with the right opportunity.




We can advocate for your company and emphasize the benefits of joining your team in a way that addresses the specific career goals of each attorney. We get to know the lawyers we present as individuals and earn their trust, so we can candidly address their interests. 



Your time is too valuable to spend sorting resumes or interviewing lawyers who may appear qualified on paper, but do not demonstrate the business and legal judgment you need. Working with us ensures that you will only meet exceptional attorneys with the appropriate depth, skill and expertise. 



We take the time to probe deep into your company and legal department, to ensure that we understand the personal qualities and characteristics a lawyer must possess to succeed in the position. We will only present attorneys with the necessary personal and cultural characteristics. 




Our insight and access to the best practices of hundreds of corporate law departments enables us to provide guidance on organizational issues and clarity to your short and long term legal needs.



We can discreetly help your company be prepared for high level change, and assist in confidential succession planning. 



We can help manage referrals from your own network in a polished, professional and unbiased manner.