Recruiting Top Legal Talent




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Gamoran Legal Consulting is run by highly experienced consultants – all lawyers – specializing in securing the best legal talent for elite law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the United States. Our services are individually customized for each employer and lawyer, enabling us to match attorneys with the right culture and specialty fit. With our deep knowledge of the legal market, and extensive due diligence, we present only carefully selected, top quality attorneys to law firms, corporate law departments and chief executives. We assist with succession planning, and can move quickly to help fill unexpected vacancies with the right lawyer at the right time.

We partner with you to navigate today’s complex and changing legal environment.

Our unique style distinguishes us from other legal recruiters. We are consultative and committed to finding the right solution.  Often our advice to lawyers considering a change is to not move at all. Our methods are unorthodox; we do not send resumes – we arrange meetings. We work directly with managing partners, practice group chairs, chief executives and hiring counsel because they trust our judgment. Our knowledge and understanding of the legal community is unmatched.

At Gamoran Legal Consulting, we don’t simply place attorneys; we build careers.  Our consultants focus on skills, objectives, long term goals and needs. We offer thoughtful counsel throughout the process of lateral moves and hires, and provide ongoing support for attorneys seeking to advance and grow their practices and in-house careers. We are committed to strong relationships and dedicated to the lawyers we represent, and we cherish our reputation for integrity and professionalism.





Most legal recruiting firms post lists of “current” opportunities. Many simply cut and paste job descriptions listed by firms and law departments in an effort to pass them off as their own proprietary searches. These recruiters know little of your priorities or culture, let alone the special expertise and background required of the position.

We are not in the business of filling job orders. We are in the business of building relationships.

Our approach is different. We do not list openings on our website. We are not in the business of filling job orders. We are in the business of relationships. We understand the strategic priorities of the companies and law firms we work with, and connect them with exceptional attorneys across the legal spectrum with mission-aligned goals. Top tier attorneys who are considering a change or relocating can get a realistic assessment of their options from our straight-talking consultants.  Frequently, we will work with attorneys for years as they develop the skills and experience necessary to move their careers to the next level.

The opportunities available to the best legal talent are exciting and challenging. We present you with these opportunities in a highly confidential, consultative and professional manner. You know who you are. Call or email us. We want to build a relationship with you.